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To provide our clients with the latest in information about the Internet, Intranets and the World Wide Web. Structure the communications to facilitate the greatest understanding of the current options available. Help our clients to realize the holistic effect of all facets of the Internet as a promotional and communications medium.

TIBS Inc. provides Web hosting and publishing solutions for businesses, government agencies, and member organizations, emphasizing effective marketing strategies. Unlike other Internet Service Providers, TIBS offers more than reliable Internet connections: it offers companies the tools to build a strong online presence.

We offer a full service Internet graphic design and programming studio employing digital artists, illustrators, multimedia experts, ad copy writers and an assortment of programming talent.

TIBS is a group of independent consultants and designers that can provide the full spectrum of Internet services. We can fill the needs for organizations of all sizes. Our three main areas of expertise are Virtual Hosting, Internet / Intranet / World Wide Web Consulting, and Web Site Design/Development.


TIBS Incorporated was founded in the Winter of 1996 as a result of a perceived need for premier Web hosting and publishing solutions. Our primary goal was (and still is) to provide Internet communication expertise, and make the power of the Internet easily accessible and affordable for the needs of corporate America.

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