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Internet Virtual Hosting
TIBS offers three types of virtual services, these include virtual web servers, virtual email services, and virtual anonymous ftp servers. Virtual Hosting will allow you to establish an Internet presence with a high speed T1 connection at a fraction of the cost. Normally, to establish a presence on the Internet, it would require you to purchase a high speed Internet connection, costly equipment, and possibly a support staff. With the Virtual Server System you get the Internet services you want without the worries and costs of an Internet connection (and your customers will not be able to tell the difference). Virtual hosting is a popular concept because it allows multiple domain names to be hosted on the same Server. The lower price (with respect to Virtual Servers) is justified by the fact that Virtual Hosting does not offer as much power and flexibility as Virtual Servers. This is illustrated by the fact that you can configure a Virtual Server to perform Virtual Hosting but the reverse cannot be done. Virtual Servers is accomplished by dividing a single computer into multiple "virtual" machines. Each "virtual machine" has its own unique domain name (www.yourcompany.com) and IP address (a unique identification number for machines connected to the internet). Virtual Hosting is a procedure where TIBS's web servers act as web servers for your domain. We use a special process called IP Aliasing to have our server respond to more than one IP Address on the Internet. Although each "virtual machine" runs on a part of one of our WWW Servers, to you and your clients, it looks as if you were operating your own private Web Server. We can help register your own domain name which will become your unique address on the World Wide Web. You will NOT have to change your e-mail address (yourname@yourcompany.com) if you changer service providers. It costs a significant amount of money to operate your own physical Web server. You can attain all the benefits of running your own server without the expense by purchasing a Virtual Server.

Web Site Design/Development
TIBS will develop a strong visual, high profile Web site for your organization that will take the greatest advantage of the marketing and communications potential of the Internet. Our design talent will help you to translate your vision of promotion and communication to the World Wide Web. Because of our background in sales and marketing, we approach site development differently. We realize that the Web site is a tool that can be used to inform and entice. The sites we develop are goal and accomplishment oriented. Our team designs easy to navigate, user friendly sites. We understand the importance of engaging the audience visually without sacrificing speed and ease of use. We work with you to decide the best presentation of the information you wish to convey. Then design a site to take the best advantage of the latest in technology without overloading your site with gimmicks that confuse and frustrate your target audience.

Internet/Intranet Consulting
We become your in-house experts on the Internet. Why spend time getting up to speed on the latest in technology when you can have TIBS there to show you how to utilize this fourth medium. You already know how to market, promote and communicate in the primary three media of print, television and radio. You are just unfamiliar with how to implement your current marketing and communications efforts on the Internet. That is where TIBS can save you time and effort by providing you with the information and tools to necessary to translate your efforts to the Internet. We will help you to cut through all of the hype and understand the real value of the medium. Internet Marketing There are many components to successful marketing on the Internet. TIBS will provide the expertise to your organization for successful marketing, promotion and communication on the Internet. Our cross promotion approach will assist you in the development and implementation of marketing strategies for all media as they relate to your Internet project. The Internet is the best promotional bargain available today. It can reach a larger market per dollar spent than any other medium. The key to success is the realization that there is no magic. There is just working smart. The same common sense that helped you to achieve your goals in the other media translates to the Internet. You just have to know where to place your efforts to receive the most return for your investment. That's where we come in.
We also offer training in basic Web site production and general Internet use Some of our clients have expressed the desire for on-site training of their personnel. We have trainers available to instruct in the many ways for an organization to get use of the Internet to fit their specific needs. Also available classes that will give the student an understanding of the basics of Web site production for Commercial Internet and Intranet Publication.

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